“I am a self-taught guitarist and self-taught in the little I know about composition. I seem to have a talent, however, to create lyrics and chords and melody in such a way that many people find the songs easy to sing and rich in meaning. Over the years I have relied on church organists and other people skilled in music theory to check what I have written and correct any mistakes. For their help I am always grateful. In many ways, the music and words seem to come from an inspiration (to me, it seems to come from beyond me). The hard work is to work on it, and finish it in all its technical and musical correctness. The expensive task is to have it recorded and published so that it does not remain on my desk but is given the chance to reach other people who look for new and easy to sing music. In the early days, the Friars helped with costs involved and were most generous. These days I can only hope that the music will be made known and used”.

Leo Watt, August 27, 2016

Words and Music

Leo's Complete Works

All Our Time
Debut recording with 2 songs written to celebrate the Australian visit
of the founder of the YCW (Young Christian Workers).
God raised up this man (sung by the Idlers Five)
What can I do, Lord? (sung by Judy Jacques)
Altar of God
Recorded by Leo Watt and the Founders
Published by J. Albert and Son P/L.
I will go to the altar of God
Though many, we are one
O Lord, we thank you
My Lord and my God
Go now, you are sent forth
Sing Once, Pray Twice
EP containing the Mass of San Francesco
Recorded by Leo Watt and the Kedron singers
Sheet music published by Leo Watt

God our Father, listen to our prayer
O Jesus Christ, eternal king
Father, hear your people
Thanks be to God
12 Songs of Faith
An album of songs based on Bible stories for children
Words and music by Leo Watt, published by J Albert and Son P/L and recorded by St. Augustine's school choir, released by Festival Records

Things We Dream
Recorded by Leo Watt and the Clefs

Go Where He Leads You
Songs based on the Confessions of St Augustine
Recorded by Leo Watt and Phil Halpin
Sheet music published by Leo Watt
Go where he leads
Reconciliation theme
Late have I loved you
With a gentle love
I am with you always
Sing once, pray twice

O Lord, grant us your peace
Only you, dear Lord, only you
The glory of God
You made us for yourself

He Lives
An Easter musical written by Leo Watt
Unpublished and recorded live at Mt Maria College, Mitchelton
Unpublished Works
The following are a selection of complete, yet unpublished tunes and manuscripts
Eucharist (Take this bread and cup of wine)
Precious in my eyes
No greater love
You are welcome
Because of you
God of my life
Ave Maria (Hail Mary)
My First Communion day
They know not what they do
Song of my people
Listen to my word
Go in peace
Tell the world of my love
We do not walk alone
Into Paradise
My strength and my song
The Lord is Risen
Sing Hosanna
My God and my all
In Bethlehem

An ever growing album of ballads and love songs including:

When love is there
You are everything
Memories are all I have
Till you come again
All the days of my life
We will remember them (Anzac Day/Armistice day)
The heavens opened up (2011 summer floods)
The price we have to pay.
It's better to have loved
The measure of love
I will always love you
Love is all I have to give
Will you come back to me?

Leo's Written Works

Reflective verses on life (excerpts published in The Catholic Leader newspapers
and used by teachers for morning prayers.

Chapters of a book as yet unpublished with the following titles:
Inner peace
When all you need is love
In touch with God
Voluntary simplicity
True believers
ls this all there is?
A sense of wonder
The hand that heals
A thirst for justice
Really living
The sexuality of God